About Savoy Systems

Savoy Systems is a company dedicated to creating high quality software. We pride ourselves on our customer support and we like to think we're a little bit out of the ordinary. We started out in 2006 to sell and support our box office system, Oscar, and we now have 120 customers all over the UK. Our Head Office is in Nottingham.

What drives us?

We are a sociable bunch, and as result, we try our utmost to keep our customers happy - by providing high quality software, and exceptional customer service.

We care deeply about the planet and for the past 15 years we have aimed to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment - for example, by banking ethically, avoiding flights, favouring trains over cars, and using green energy and broadband providers.

We also run a Mammoth - A Climate Action Cinema, a hub for sharing ideas about how we can all contribute towards a better, fairer, and greener future - focused around film.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service for every customer. Whether your question is big or small, there’s always someone to hand who can help you.

A photo of Patrick Hort

Patrick Hort

Founder and CEO

Patrick Hort graduated from Oxford University in 1993 with a degree in Physics. He developed complex software solutions for a variety of companies including UBS Investment Bank, LM UK (Nectar Card) and CHP Consulting Ltd before founding Savoy Systems in 2006. Patrick is Managing Director of Savoy Systems.

A photo of David Mew

David Mew


David Mew graduated from Nottingham University in 2007 with a degree in Mathematics. David joined Savoy Systems Ltd in 2009 and is responsible for development, installation, training and support of the Oscar Box Office system. He is also our web master and in-house graphic designer.

A photo of Jeremy Callow

Jeremy Callow

Product Manager

Jeremy Callow graduated from Nottingham University in 2008 with a Master's degree in Physics. After graduating, Jeremy worked for a leading technology and software company within the pharmaceutical industry before joining Savoy Systems in 2012. He is responsible for installation, training and support of the Oscar Box Office system.

A photo of Tom See

Tom See

Head of Customer Success

Tom See joined Savoy Systems in 2013 following 6 years in Retail Management. Tom has a strong focus on customer service and support and is responsible for sales, installation, training and support of the Oscar Box Office system.

A photo of Thomas Hood

Thomas Hood

Head of Customer Support

Thomas Hood graduated from Nottingham University in 2008 with a BA in American Studies. He began work at The National Archives after graduating and, after a few years and several exams, worked his way up to the position of Systems Engineer in the IT Department. He was drafted into Team Savoy in 2015 and is responsible for application and server support.

A photo of Claire McPherson

Claire McPherson

Operations Manager

Claire McPherson graduated from Nottingham University in 2007 with a degree in Human Genetics. She worked for 7 years as a Science teacher and examiner before moving to an online company specialising in social education in 2014, where she was responsible for coordinating the development of their social education platform. Claire joined Savoy Systems in 2017 and is responsible for installation, training and support of the Oscar Box Office system.

A photo of David Capps

David Capps

Senior Developer

Dave graduated from Warwick University in 2003 with a degree in Computer Science. He has worked in a number of software development positions within the e-commerce & ERP industries, both as an independent contractor and leading a team of developers at a software development company. Dave joined Savoy Systems in 2018 as a software developer.

A photo of Michal R. Hoffmann

Michal R. Hoffmann


Michal graduated from the University of Szczecin in Poland with a degree in Economics, majoring in Computer Science and Econometrics. He taught database design, information systems design and programming at the University of Szczecin and was a registered ECDL examiner. He also worked as a freelance software developer. Living in the UK since 2005, Michal worked as software developer then senior software developer at an e-commerce software development company until he joined Savoy Systems in 2022.

A photo of Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Customer Support

Steve Jones graduated from Keele University in 2009 with a PGCE (ICT) in Education/Computer Science. He worked for five years as an ICT teacher before moving into the private sector as a software trainer, where he was responsible for designing, creating, implementing and managing a highly successful apprenticeship programme for a leading cloud services provider. Steve joined Savoy Systems in 2022 and is responsible for installation, training and support of the Oscar Box Office system.

A photo of Bruno Emerick

Bruno Emerick

Junior Developer

Bruno graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in Materials Science in 2022. He has since been pursuing a career in software development. Bruno joined Savoy Systems in 2023 as a developer.

A photo of Raffaele Baldo

Raffaele Baldo

Cinema Manager

Raffaele Baldo graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Illustration. The desire to lend his creative practice to environmental action led him to join Savoy System in 2023. He now works as a freelance illustrator while managing Mammoth - A Climate Action Cinema.

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